What is Strategic Experience?

Strategic Experience integrates design principles with corporate strategies and behavioral economics to create human-centered (digital & analog) products and services and the entire value chain. Effects of and on the organizational structure and the business model result in making companies future-proof.
This conference is about the how- Best practices, experiences and tools at the level of product development, strategy development processes and entire circular economy streams.

About Strategic X

Embark on a transformative journey of innovation, collaboration, and strategic human centered case studies at the much-anticipated Strategic X Conference! Join thought leaders, industry pioneers, and visionaries from around the globe as we converge to explore and exchange invaluable insights and chart the course for a future defined by strategic excellence.

StrategicX BI (Business Inspiration)

June 6th

Welcome 15:30

Start 16:00

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Impulse Track

Business Inspirations Impulse keynotes:

Start 16:00




30 min BREAK (16:45 – 17:15)




30 min BREAK (18:00-18:15)

Panel discussion about

“Human centred Organisations”

and Q&A with all speakers

Strategic X – Award Ceremony


Panel discussion about Organisation Human Centricity

Best award project presentations

Award ceremony

Happy Networking

Our Keynote Speakers will answer your questions in different formats

Full agenda will be released on January 10th

Be part of the international Strategy Award "The Wave"

We have created this award to recognize companies with a holistic human-centered approach. We want to highlight great examples for great human centered organizational transformations. We don’t want to just talk about human centricity, we want to practice human centricity! 

Target Groups

A strategic view on the “Experience” topic is essential for everyone in a management position. Due to the current fast-moving times, contexts change every day. It is therefore aimed at all company managers who have to deal with daily changes, customers, users, employees and all their expectation management.


  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Design Officer or Chief Digitalisation Officer (CDO)
  • Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)/Head of Strategy
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
  • Head of User Experience (UX)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Business Development Director/Manager
  • …managers and leaders who understand the relevance of strategic thinking
Business & Organisational Developer
Transformation & Innovation
CX & UX Manager
IT Manager

StrategicX - The Conference is coming soon!

Keynote Experience

Enjoy keynotes in a cinema atmosphere and experience outstanding content across multiple dimensions.

Safe Spaces

Feel free to voice your concerns or discuss the hurdles you’re facing. Our moderated sessions provide a safe platform for open dialogue, encouraging the exchange and collaborative problem-solving.

Hands on discussions

In deep insight discussions and lectures you will get information that is not available through search engines or AI. Listen, process and create your own strategies based on the knowledge of the best experts in the world.

Penthouse Networking

What will you remember? The contacts and friendships you make at conferences and the lasting cooperations you build. Take the chance to create new ideas and strategies with a vision.