The Wave

The Strategy Award

What does this award stand for:

We have created this award to recognize companies with a holistic human-centered approach. We want to highlight great examples for great human centered organizational transformations. We don’t want to just talk about human centricity, we want to practice human centricity! 


Why you should take part:

The Wave Strategy Award is more than a competition; it’s an opportunity to celebrate and share the success stories that set your organization apart. Seize the chance to amplify your impact, gain industry recognition, and pave the way for future achievements. Embrace the journey towards excellence!


Types of projects we are looking for

We expect any kind of organizational transformation projects with the focus on people. Some examples:

  • Digital Transformation Strategies
  • AI enabled Automation Strategies
  • Sustainable Strategies
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Internal or External Process Strategies
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies
  • Employee Experience Strategies
  • Culture Change Strategies

Winning is only the start of a Wave

The award ceremony at StrategicX is merely the start of your shared journey with “The Wave”, however, the real business of communicating your success starts after the award ceremony.

Appreciation & Publication

• Publication in the Award Long List
• Puplication in the Award Short List
• Puplication of all Winners
• Puplication of a Winners Case Study Booklet
• Best 8 present at StrategicX
• Springer Professional will publish the best applications in special edition in the magazine “Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management” online and in a print version

Winner benefits

 • Increase brand value: Positioning as a human centred organisation
• Get “the Wave” winners label
• 10 UX Accreditation Voucher for your employees
• Online presentation at “StrategicX” in our winners area.
• A voucher for the workshop “WOW – Experiencemanagement – 2days”
• Meet the top names in human centred strategists
• Winner voucher for the MBA Strategic Experience Design (10.000 Euro)*
• Book copies of “Changemakers: How Leaders Can Design Change in an Insanely Complex World”

Content requirements

  • Project name
  • Project timeframe
  • Initial situation + competition + context of the project
  • Problem and expected result
  • Strategic goal
  • Which actions were taken to integrate the stakeholders / affected parties?
  • Is it an internal project, or is there external support?
  • How were the actions implemented?
  • How was progress checked and ensured?
  • How was the success of the actions finally determined?
  • Key Learnings from the project?
  • Current status and result
  • Matched the result with expectations.
  • ROI of the project
  • Additional data to understand the project
Our international Jury
Astrid Zöchling

Astrid Zöchling


Gerhard Apfelthaler

Gerhard Apfelthaler

Dean, California Lutheran University School of Management.

Maria Giudice

Maria Giudice

Founder, Executive Leadership Coach, Co-author of Rise of Changemakers

Clemens Lutsch

Clemens Lutsch

Professor International University SDI München

Anika Kronberger

Anika Kronberger

Des. Leader, MBA Strategic Experience Design at FH JOANNEUM

Russ Wilson

Russ Wilson

CXO Fidelity Group

Michaela Holzmann

Michaela Holzmann

Director Product and Service Design @Sclable

Nandini Nayak

Nandini Nayak

Digital Transformer. Cognitive/Behavior Scientist.Mentor/Coach


December 3rd


February 15th

End of Applications

February 25th

Feedback to all Applications

February 28th

Publication of Award Short List

March 14th

Award Ceremony

* Voucher cannot be paid out in cash and covers only a part of the tuition. Only valid for the MBA Strategic Experience Design and if the admission requirements have been fulfilled. Check the requirements here: