Anna Kirah

Transdisciplinary thinking: a necessary tool for strategic transformations

Key Learnings

1) No one discipline can solve the problems and challenges we face at a company level, community level, national and/or global level.  We need transdisciplinary thinking and doing.  Transformations happen when we combine disciplines and come up with things we never could think of alone.   

2) In any conflict, both sides are right but only partially—we need to listen, be curious and above all be willing to learn

3) Reflexivity is a critical skill to use with self, relationships and groups of people 


Anna Kirah is a design anthropologist and psychologist who helps organizations create meaningful and desirable solutions.  She has worked with global corporations, in national public services, and in governments.  She is a pioneer of the people-centric approach, which involves people in the design of services, products, and organizational change. She is also a teacher at Kristiania University College and the head of the Design without Borders Foundation. Anna has written several articles and chapters on design anthropology from a practitioner perspective. She believes in working transdisciplinarily, transcending one’s own knowledge and transforming how we can best work together as a team.