Christiane Moser

Measuring *X: Transforming Experience Data into Strategic Insights

Key Learnings

1.) Importance of integrating insights from UX, CX, BX, and EX to create a holistic view of the experience ecosystem.

2.) Focusing on managing the experience ecosystem enables companies to create a positive, cohesive, and consistent experience across all touchpoints.

3.) Examples from case studies of how to measure *X

An experience ecosystem enables strategic growth by providing people everything they need to define strategic goals (e.g., OKRS), roadmaps, and processes. In this case study, we will explore how research and *X insights from different experience domains (e.g., UX, CX, BX, and EX) can drive strategic initiatives and decision-making processes within an experience ecosystem. We will investigate interdependencies, impact chains and data integration.


Christiane Moser founded 2018 her own company CUXpro. She is also working as UX Design Mentor at CareerFroundry, ADPList, and Talent Garden Vienna. She holds a PhD and master degree in Applied Computer Science from the University of Salzburg. Her PhD thesis entiled “Child-Centered Game Development” is a framework of approaches to include preteens in the game design and development process. Her master thesis entitled “Web 2.0 Interactionparadigm” was about how private user and companies can benefit from Web 2.0 technologies and how get the best benefit from them.

Her main focus in research lies in human-computer interfaces, user-centered design of interactive services, and in particular the user involvement into the development of new products/systems. She is involved in several national and international projects. Therefore, she developed her own approach ‘Human First: CUX-centered Design’.

Specialties: Human-Computer-Interaction HCI (User-Centered Design, User Experience, Evaluation Methods, User Interface Design, Game Development), Child-Computer-Interaction CCI