Helle Jensen

Hardcore business meets emotional experiences – a song of Ice and Fire!

Key Learnings

1.) Personalisation in B2B – why it’s an all hands task to define and execute

2.) Data-Driven Decision-Making for B2B Success – how data is the perfect match for an emotional experience

3.) Building Trust Through Digital Touchpoints – how to turn your journey work into actionable steps with clear priorities

In an era where B2B interactions are increasingly shaped by digital touchpoints, the need for a compelling and seamless digital experience has never been more crucial. Drawing from my extensive experience in the digital realm, I propose a dynamic presentation that unravels the intricacies of crafting exceptional B2B digital experiences that bring value to businesses and allow for a more pragmatic and holistic view on the users, with a focus on practical insights and measurable outcomes. it’s a performance, a fusion of artistry, data, and digital wizardry, showcasing how we can turn B2B interactions into a mesmerizing dance of seamless connections!


I’m Helle, Experience Director at Valtech. I don’t buy into the myth of passion; instead, I focus on injecting meaning, fun, and expertise into my team and clients. Life’s short, and deadlines aren’t eternity, so I often remind my colleagues about our own mortality, so we might as well ease up a bit.