Steinar Danielsen

Case Study: The role of CX when moving towards a Circular business 

Key Learnings

When transforming from a linear to a circular business model it is important to focus on your customer’s needs and requirements, before designing the products for circularity. Three key learns from Steinar‘s talk will be
  • Putting customer outcomes at the centre of product design
  • Leverage customer experience outputs to sell value-adding solutions
  • Translating customer experience outcomes into business KPIs


I bring a deep expertise in aiding companies, organizations, and brands in product and service development, digital innovation, and transformation. I am very much at home in a fast-paced, resource-light, start-up environments, as well as navigating larger organizations and teams.

I have led and managed a range of different teams in the development and delivery of many innovation/transformation projects across a range of different sectors. My experience is grounded in strategic design and I have experience applying design methodology to drive various forms of innovation and transformation.

Additionally, I am actively involved in teaching and mentoring design students at various design schools. Currently, I collaborate with Hyper Island as an industry leader and board member for the design leadership course in Stockholm.